About Me

So you’ve applied to lots of jobs online…
how’s that going for you?

As a Job Search Coach and Career Coach, I’ve worked with clients who, were in your exact situation. The frustration of putting in time and effort and being unsuccessful every time.

It’s a waste of time and a big knock to your confidence. I’ve helped many clients finally get out of the cycle of “apply and hope”.

I work with my clients on Job Search Strategies to make their search more targeted, efficient, and effective. This results in more responses and better-fit jobs that give you a much higher chance of being hired.

Sure, you could keep applying over and over, on your own, but why would you do the same thing and expect different results? I’ve been there…when I was in Corporate Recruiting, I did a lot of contract assignments, so every year or so I would be looking for new work. I would apply to some Internet postings that matched my background very well, but it didn’t go anywhere until I changed my approach.

My family and I love sports. When I played sports in high school and college, there was always a coach around who worked with me to make me better. I can be that coach for you in your job search! My packages include one-on-one coaching calls, job search asset development, and a proven search process that improves your job search results very quickly.

With my 20-plus year background in recruiting, I know what it takes to get from job application to offer, because I’ve seen it from the inside. I’ve been on the other side myself when I’ve applied to jobs, and I can work with you to improve your chances for good results.

Don’t invest any more of your valuable time by trying to go it alone. Get in touch with questions, or schedule a free intro call to see if it makes sense to work together.