4 Ways Executives can Overcome High-End Job Search Challenges

August 1, 2020

Although Senior Level professionals and Executives face many challenges in their job searches, one of the most frustrating revolves around the difficulty in finding the appropriate jobs that align with their level, background, and goals.

At the Executive level there may be fewer available positions across a targeted geography, and certainly fewer overall opportunities. These items may increase the time and frustration level surrounding the search process.

However, there are a number of solid solutions to this type of job searching that will help reduce the challenges overall, and may actually open new doors and job ideas for Executives and Senior Level professionals.

1. The first solution is to go into the search process with some flexibility on location. If you focus solely on the region or exact job title that you currently have, you may miss opportunities. Even something as simple as being open to the possibility of relocation can open up new employment doors.

2. Next, consider taking a short-term step back in job level at a company that is more desirable if you see opportunity for long term growth in this position. Not just focusing on a lateral or upward move in your job search can open up more future opportunities that might not have been immediately obvious.

3. Another solution is to explore the opportunities of consulting in your direct field, or in a closely related area. Along with this option, exploring a business start-up, or purchasing an existing business, can be avenues that could increase your long-term growth and income possibilities.

4. Finally, becoming more creative in the way you develop the list of target companies that you are focused on and developing your own personal marketing plan is key. Both are excellent ways to find job opportunities that not only are the right fit for you now, but will give you growth for the future. Don’t just look for a match for your current skill set, but look for an opportunity or company that you can grow with.

A Senior Level/Executive job search can be challenging to manage, but the solutions and opportunities are only limited if you aren’t able to see the possibilities. We are here to help you focus on maneuvering through your search. 

Contact OnPoint for advice on your Executive Job Search. We have a program customized to assist executives and senior level job seekers find a new job. 

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