Are you prepared for targeting remote job opportunities?

April 15, 2020

Even though we’re coming out of the most critical time of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are still looking for remote workers. You can make yourself more attractive in both hiring and retention by being prepared.

Here are three tips for getting prepared:

1. Make sure your technology works– your functioning webcam, ability to utilize remote software, and ability to troubleshoot issues without losing your cool are all skills that translate into a versatile and successful employee in these current times.

In addition to your technology being functional, you need a dedicated workspace with an uncluttered or digital background capability – such as from Zoom. Looking professional during your interview is a smart first step.

2. Your resume needs to reflect any current or previous remote work you have done. Now is the time to update and add content on your resume detailing your experience with working remotely. 

 In addition, make sure to check the career sites for your target companies regularly for new job postings. Be prepared to discuss your past experience working remotely in interviews, as well as your physical remote work setup, and how you structured your day for productivity.

3. Highlighting any remote tools that you have used regularly, trained extensively in or are proficient in, is absolutely crucial to include on your resume. This includes Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Asana, Monday, and Chat tools.

If you notice posts are requesting a specific remote tool that you easily train yourself on – now is the time to invest in yourself and upgrade your skills. It could easily get you the interview in this climate of remote work.

In this time of increased remote job opportunities and new challenges in the work force it is more important than ever to highlight your remote working capabilities and skills. Take the time to invest in your remote skill set and take the opportunity to present yourself professionally in any setting you are faced with to optimize your search for employment in today’s market. 

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