Tips for Job Seekers who Lack Resources and Support

September 1, 2020

In the search for Senior Level and Executive roles, job seekers may face a series of challenges. One of them is a lack of resources or support in the search.

You may not be accustomed to doing administrative, organizational, or logistical tasks that are needed for your search. Depending on the scope of your current job, there may be technology challenges that you face, or you may not use technology tools as part of your day-to-day role as much as you’d need to in your own search. This can make it difficult to easily navigate the job search landscape. You also may be consumed with your current job and find it challenging to devote enough time, focus, and resources to your job search.

There are a number of solutions that may help when these challenges arise.

First and foremost, refocus on organizational skills and habits. Keep records of all job contacts, leads and prospects so that valuable time isn’t wasted searching for information about potential positions. You can use a simple spreadsheet or text document for this, or invest in an online tool or platform; the key is that it be searchable to easily retrieve information, and have some way of tracking task management that helps in follow-up.

Next, be sure to leverage technology and productivity skills that make a job search run more smoothly. Clean up social media accounts, reach out on these platforms for contacts and networking, and brush up on any technology that can streamline your job search efforts.

Finally, respect and value the small tasks and consistency required to support the job search process. Timely responses, professional and targeted resumes, and consistency in keeping track of information all contribute significantly to the successful job search. This may be something that you can handle while still maintaining your current job, or you may need to hire someone to help, or find a volunteer or family member to assist with some tasks to make the process easier.

A job search has its own set of challenges. Though navigating it can be done independently or with volunteer help, we are here to help with the organizational, technical, and logistical challenges

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