How a Recruiter Actually Reads Your Resume

October 1, 2023

Have You Ever Wondered How a Recruiter Actually Reads Your Resume?

When it comes to applying for jobs, there are a few things you need to know to increase your chances of getting an interview, and ultimately – a job offer.

Keep in mind that there is big difference between agency recruiters and in-house recruiters.  Agency recruiters represent multiple companies, which can be in different industries. Agency Recruiters’ compensation is usually closely tied to placing you at a company, whether it’s for a regular job or a contract position. For these Recruiters, time is critical, since there is often competition for the role since a company will often work with multiple agencies.

Internal Recruiters are focused on the hiring needs of the company they work for, and in addition to the skills for the job, will pay attention to a candidate’s fit for company culture and other miscellaneous factors. For them, a more thorough approach is likely.

So then the real question is, how best can you match yourself to the job that you are applying for?  Here are a few things to really keep in mind.

1.  Your resume is going to be judged from the moment it hits that Recruiter’s inbox.  It is your job to make them want to open it.  Be sure you are highlighting the skills that are relevant for that job, that your introduction approach is personal but professional, and that you triple-check your spelling and grammar. If you submit a cover letter, make sure it’s BRIEF – Recruiters are looking for an introduction, not an essay.

2.  Secondly, they are going to be reading quickly through your resume.  Recruiters will often have multiple vacancies to fill, many applicants to go through, and be on a deadline. They need to be able to find important information in your resume quickly so be to the point.  Keep relevant skills and experiences highlighted in bullet points and make your resume sections clearly titled.

3.  Recruiters will have specific hiring instructors from their clients or managers.  They will look for key words that indicate necessary skills such as marketing, team leadership or a specific software knowledge. Make sure your resume highlights – and is packed with – the key terms from the job description or it may get overlooked or deleted.

4. It is also important to remember that many recruiters are impressed with metrics. How large a team you managed or exactly how much money you saved departmentally last quarter.  Be sure to include and highlight specific numbers within your resume so that recruiters have more confidence in your potential and abilities.

5.  Lastly, keep in mind that recruiters may also scare easily.  They are focused on keeping good reputations with their clients and managers and will not share resumes that have errors or inconsistencies.  So make sure you are putting your best foot forward but that you are being honest with your experience and that any mistakes are to a minimum.

If you keep in mind all these tips, your resume will be eagerly opened by recruiters and your chances of being called in for the interview will be that much more likely. A job search can be challenging to manage, but we are here to walk you through the process so that you will have the best chance possible to land that position.

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