The 7 Items to Include in Your Interview Survival Kit

July 2, 2020

If you’re anything like us, you always want to present yourself in the best light, especially during an important interview. It helps to have a reminder checklist as your mind becomes focused on your upcoming meeting. While the world is electronic-focused, it’s important to be ready for all contingencies when the devices in our pockets and bags run the risk of failing us. 

Let’s look at 7 things to remember…

1. For in-person interviews: Details in print – be sure to have the meeting details printed in case your electronic device fails. It also saves you some scramble time right before the interview. Be sure to keep the following information all on one easy to read piece of paper or index card:

  • Interview address
  • Directions if you’re not familiar with the exact location.
  • Names and positions of the people with whom you’re meeting, especially the person you’re to ask for when you arrive.

2. Printed resume – yes, they received your resume, however, having a hard copy keeps their focus on you and not on their computer. Your preparedness will also show them that you’re a person ready for all contingencies. And be sure to print a few copies in case others you don’t expect join the interview meeting.

3. Breath mints – you’ll be sitting close together and the last thing you need is for breakfast or lunch to announce your presence in the room before you do. Drink a water and freshen up that breath before you walk in.

4. Professional portfolio – keep copies of your resume at the ready along with your pen and paper with a professional organizer. Keep it simple, organized, and ready to be used.

5. Two professional-looking pens – inevitably a pen never works when you need it to. Out of ink, faulty, or otherwise, always have a backup. Details matter and can leave a lasting impression, so spend a few extra dollars for pens that enhance your professional look. Plus, if you get lucky, you’ll be able to lend one to the person on the other side of the desk in a pinch…and you’ll be the prepared one in the room.

6. Mobile phone charger – while you’re waiting patiently at the local coffee shop for the meeting time to arrive, you can increase the odds of success by fully charging your electronics, especially the phone that holds every bit of important data we own.

7. Printed calendar – we’re assuming the best with this tip… print out a page from your calendar showing your open times for your follow-up interview. Make sure the next two weeks are printed out, especially if you don’t keep your calendar on your mobile phone. Plus, calendars on phones often require a few clicks to see a range of dates easily. Paper may be your best bet in this case.

· BONUS TIP – slip a Tide Pen into your pocket. Odds are good that the one time you get a small splash from your coffee on your shirt, it will be right before your big interview.

These 7 tips are just a few to set aside unnecessary worries and focus on presenting yourself in the best light. Of course, there’s a lot more to the hiring and interviewing preparation process, so consider getting the help of an expert team that will increase your odds of success.

If you’re searching, OnPoint Job Search Solutions helps to connect candidates, staffing firms, and client hiring companies. Through several channels, we can help in the job search process with resume review and writing, social and professional media profiles, job search strategies, interview preparation, and offer negotiation. 

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