Why Do I Need A Job Search Coach?

August 1, 2023

Good question; after all, plenty of people get jobs without having a coach, right? Well, times have changed, and the job market is hyper-competitive right now in many areas of work. You might have many of the skills required for a job search and feel like you are proficient in them – often because you only search for a job a handful of times in your life – a Job Search Coach professional has more current information and stays on top of hiring practices that will likely give you that extra edge in your job search.

Here are four impactful benefits of having a job search coach on your team.

First and foremost, a Job Search Coach has often been on both sides of the hiring process. They can give you support from the employee and employer search perspectives and provide you with some very useful insider information.

Second, because of the constantly changing job search landscape, even if you find an academic class on job searching, it may not have the current information you need to land the job you are dreaming of. A Job Search Coach professional can give you an excellent foundation to start and progress your search.

Third, it is important not to waste your time trying to “reinvent the wheel”. Just like learning to cook, weight lift or paint a picture, hiring a professional who can teach you how to navigate the right path and focus on the right skills, will take you from searching to succeeding much more quickly.

Finally, the use of technology in job searching has changed dramatically. Having an expert on your side can make what might have been a challenging learning curve in technology, into a highly useful tool in your job search quest.

Though these aren’t the only reasons to hire a Job Search Coach instead of going it alone – they are certainly compelling ones. A Job Search Coach can pave a smooth road in your searching, interviewing and hiring journey. 

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