4 Tips on How to Get From Interview to Offer

November 6, 2021

In your job search, a job offer is the ultimate goal – obvious, right? The path, though, can be confusing and frustrating if you aren’t following a system during your job search journey. Here are my top 4 tips that will land you the job.

1. Make a good impression at the 1st interview.  This seems like a given – who would knowingly make a poor impression during the first interview? Be prepared: Dress to impress. In most job interviews, you can’t go wrong with “full business attire”. Be on time.Arrive early to make sure you’re in the right place, and walk into reception (or the equivalent) 10 minutes before the interview is scheduled to start.

The other items are what we learned in kindergarten…speak clearly, be polite, maintain eye contact and be respectful – all these simple things will not only leave a good impression during the interview, but also when the interviewer reflects back on prospective candidates.

2. Be timely and responsive to additional interview requests.  Immediate responses to follow up interview requests and flexibility in interview scheduling will move your candidacy ahead of other candidates who take their time in responding. Knowing your schedule, staying on top of your email, and providing flexibility in your follow up interview availability will continue that good impression you made in the first interview.  

3. Stay in touch and follow up professionally throughout the interview process. This is the tricky part…just as you want to respond immediately to a second interview request, you also don’t want to rush the process by emailing every day and questioning the outcome. After the initial interview, a later-that-day professional thank-you message is appropriate. These days, don’t waste a stamp…email is the way to go. What to do next – and how – often can be challenging, and is driven by the industry, level of the job, and more.

4. Be professionally assertive and ask for the offer. This one relies on a delicate balance. You don’t want to appear conceited, but you do want the company who’s interviewed you to know that you’re very interested in the job and that you’re confident in your ability. You also want them to know you’re not going to wait around forever…

These tips will help you form a solid interview-to-offer path. Having a solid plan to follow during your search for employment will allow you to make sure you aren’t letting anything slip through the cracks in your process and give you the best opportunity at landing that job. 

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